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When is individual counseling appropriate?

  • Anxiety/stress
  • Feelings affect sleep, appetite, job or relationships
  • Things are not getting better
  • Having difficulty finding answers to problems
  • Feel an overwhelming and prolonged sense of sadness, helplessness, lack of hope in life, depression
  • Emotional difficulties make it hard to function fully from day to day
  • Actions are harmful to self or others
  • Troubled by problems that family members and close friends might be facing
  • Addictions
  • Adjustment issues related to a medical diagnosis
  • Personal growth and development

Why should I choose Grace Point for individual counseling?

Each Grace Point counselor understands that a relationship with you plays an important and crucial role in the benefits of treatment. Our goal is to provide compassionate and caring services in a confidential, professional setting, accepting all individuals with various life circumstances. We provide counseling that encompasses help and resolution of issues, and most importantly, the restoring of hope, well-being and wholeness. We offer emotional guidance and support with a non-judgmental approach and are committed to empowering, educating and encouraging each individual. Grace Point also offers spiritual support and guidance as requested.

Who are Grace Point’s counselors specializing in individual counseling?

What do clients say about counseling and administration at Grace Point?

Clients say their connection to Grace Point counselors set them at ease, made them comfortable in sharing and helped them reach their counseling goals. They also report they appreciated talking with a live receptionist and that financial concerns are handled with sensitivity, timeliness and respect. They would recommend Grace Point to their family and friends! 

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