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Help your student transition into high school successfully with Next STEP, a program designed to teach incoming 9th grade students the skills they’ll need to thrive. Over four weeks, counselor Mark Crowe, M.Ed., LPC, will share with students the STEPs: Social adjustment (including social media), Time Management, Expect More, and Prepare for Success.

DivorceCare and DC4K

Wednesdays, September 2 – November 18
7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Jones Library/Children's Worship Center
Cost: Divorce Care — $35 per person; DC4K — $25 for first child, $15 each additional

DivorceCare is a weekly seminar and support group for people who are separated or divorced. Leading the group is Susan Jones. DivorceCare is a place where you can meet other divorced and separated adults and hear about ways to heal from the hurt of divorce.

DivorceCare also offers a coinciding program for your children called DC4K. DC4K is a special group that helps children ages 5 – 12 heal from the hurt caused by the separation or divorce of their parents. Children become friends with other children who understand how they feel and the things they are going through because of the divorce of their parents.

Love and Respect

Wednesdays, July 8 – August 26
7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Jones Library

Child care is available for a fee and must be reserved in advance.

A six-week class led by Dr. Mary Causey and Rev. Cliff Ritter for married and engaged couples who want to:

  • break the cycle of conflict
  • have a marriage based on a biblical model of success
  • communicate more effectively

Child care is available.

Making Peace with Your Past

Thursdays, March 26 – May 14
7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Otterbein Room

Led by Susan Jones, this 10-week evening group is designed for people who grew up in a dysfunctional family or need to overcome past hurts. Making Peace with Your Past provides a safe, confidential and loving environment for personal and spiritual recovery, healing, growth and well-being. Many lives have been transformed through attending this group and learning God’s desire for our lives — to live joyfully, without the chains of the past.

Topics covered include:

  • Discovering self-esteem
  • Recognizing self-defeating behaviors
  • The advantages of a turbulent past
  • Release from shame
  • Overcoming the fear of joy
  • It’s OK to be yourself
  • Forgiving the people who have hurt you
  • Help for people who grew up too soon
  • Coming to terms with the blessing

Child care is available for a fee and must be reserved in advance.

For more information, contact Susan Jones at 281.466.8602.

Anger Management

Thursdays, September 17 – November 12
7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Jones Library
Cost: $30 per person

Most people believe that anger is a negative emotion from which no good can come. Many people think that anger should not be expressed and that such feelings are wrong. This class explores the emotion of anger and how anger — which is a part of the human experience — can be put to work for good.

Grief Share

Mondays, September 14 – December 14
7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Room D206

A 13-week small group experience navigating the challenges of grief. This course explains both the spiritual and practical issues of grief and suggests specific strategies to guide you back to fullness of life. Learn how your experience of grief can be transformed into something positive.

StepFamily Rhythms: Thriving Couples/Thriving Children

When couples marry or remarry, they have new hope and new expectations for the marriage, for their children and for joy anew! However, stepfamilies often try to relate similarly to intact/biological families, often due to lack of knowledge and preparation on how to form a stepfamily. Also the word “step” may bring up underlying feelings of embarrassment, shame, and failure. Though some areas are common to both traditional families and stepfamilies, stepfamilies pose some unique challenges and benefits. This four-week educational and interactive seminar will help you understand the many rhythms of stepfamily living and how to thrive.

  • Week 1: Stepfamily basics, the marriage/remarriage, biblical stepfamilies
  • Week 2: Expectations: the couple, the children, extended family, friends, comparison of stepfamily development versus intact biological families, new roles
  • Week 3: Finances, communication and conflict, common stepfamily problems and solutions
  • Week 4: Parenting in stepfamilies, unique benefits of a stepfamily, God’s healing grace

Led by Grace Point Counseling Center’s Susan Jones and Margie Jordan. Both also have experience in stepfamily living.

Child care is available by reservation.